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We are passionate about kids, and giving every child the opportunity to be bilingual.

BeLingual Kids, Inc. is a non-profit created with one goal: to introduce Spanish at the elementary school level.


Since 2016-17, we have successfully integrated Spanish classes into the schedule at Wingate Elementary. After surveying Wingate families in 2015, we received an overwhelming response: over 90% supported Spanish instruction for their kids! With the school's blessing, we formed a board of incredible parents and community members to help build this program. Wingate's principal worked up a schedule to fit Spanish class into the rotation of "specials," so that every child has Spanish once per week during the normal school day. We hired a wonderful, qualified Spanish teacher, and are creating a classroom full of Spanish-language materials and curriculum aimed at our young kids, with a focus on vocabulary and conversation. 


We are enthusiastic about our growing program, and grateful to have such strong support at the two schools. To keep this program going now and in the future, we are continually raising funds, and are optimistic that through parents, the community, and grants, we will be able to support these classes for years to come.


Thanks to fundraising efforts, we have paid for the 2018-19 school year, and are now fundraising for 2019-20! We hope you consider Sponsoring a child today.



Kids today will compete with children from every nation for jobs, and we believe that knowing another language will be a big boost in their adult lives. Studies also show that kids pick up language more easily at a young age, and those that have an ear for language will likely move on to learning multiple languages as they mature. 


Did you know?

Nationally, 23% of elementary school students speak Spanish as their first language. In 2012, Colorado had 32% Spanish-speaking students. By 2060 that number is expected to double. It is our goal that all kids embrace the culture and heritage of their fellow students, and together create a program that gives English-speaking students the same attention and focus we provide Spanish-speakers in developing their language skills. 




Play to learn

Language is best learned at an early age. Exposing our kids to Spanish through singing, playing and games can help create a strong foundation for them to grow. Read more.

Home reinforcement

We know families at home may not speak Spanish. We will send home materials that we hope you will review with your child and learn with them. We also invite parents to participate in class any time they can.

Check out our resources section and follow our blog to learn with us. 

Expanding our kids' minds

It is never too early to begin speaking a second language. It teaches our kids that there is more beyond their communities, opens their eyes to other cultures, and creates appreciation for other students' heritage. Read more...

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