Spanish is it here to stay?

As a parent we worry about the future our kids face. Some say it is going to be a much different world than we live in now, no matter what you believe, there is no arguing that our kids will have an advantage in the workforce if they can speak a second language. So If for no other reason than to provide greater opportunity for your child, we encourage you to support your child in learning Spanish.


Greater opportunity for career placement- The U.S. Census Bureau reported that about 12 percent of U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. Therefore, a rising number of jobs are requiring Spanish in the workforce. In addition, it is reported that by 2050, the United States will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world! If you are thinking ahead, it only makes sense to teach your children Spanish now, if you want to ensure better career opportunities for their future. In multiple careers: copywriting, marketing, commerce, law, politics and even finances, it is important to understand the Latino culture and the right way to market to it. Not to mention, Colorado in 2012 had 32% of students in schools were Spanish speaking as primary language, and by 2060 that number is expected to double. Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish will not only benefit your children in the U.S., but it will also open their skills to communicate with other nations for business and government affairs. As trade and commerce opens with other nations, it will become critical for your children to interact with others in multiple languages and the better they can communicate with those other nations the more career opportunities will open for them..

So while every other nation in the world has been teaching their children a second language, the majority of the U.S have chosen to ignore it. Why? Many believe that Americans simply were not exposed to other communities of language, some say it is because English is the worlds primary language. Either way, our kids will interact more with other nations and cultures and have a greater need for speaking another language than most of us ever have. The world is become more integrated, communication between nations more frequent and easier with technology advances, travel more frequent and bottom line, our kids will benefit greatly from being bilingual (or multilingual).

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