Classroom update - 21 Spanish-Speaking Countries

The students have learned several cultural lessons this year, from how holidays are different, to flags and foods, and how many people speak Spanish around the world. (Spanish being the second most common language.)


We learned about Mexican Independence Day, and the history behind it.  We have learned about the Day of the Dead, and its traditions throughout Latin America. We also learned about the flags of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.  Each child colored a flag from a country. They gave a mini presentation about their flag in front of their class, in Spanish, with my guidance. Presenting in Spanish was scary for some, but I helped them along the way. Being in front of the class enables the students to shed some of the barriers of hearing themselves speak in a different language. 


The below pieces of info were not provided in class, but might be fun for you to watch/do with your child as follow up.

Oh if we only had more time in class...but here are some interesting facts you might share with your child.


What is the most commonly spoken language in the world? You might be surprised.


To see more of the list click the link - Pulled directly from wikipedia. The first number represents speakers in millions in 2007 and the number in parenthesis are from 2010.

1 Mandarin (entire branch) 935 (955) 14.1%
2 Spanish 390 (405) 5.85%
3 English 365 (360) 5.52%
4 Hindi [Note 1] 295 (310) 4.46%
5 Arabic 280 (295) 4.23%
6 Portuguese 205 (215) 3.08%
7 Bengali (Bangla) 200 (205) 3.05%
8 Russian 160 (155) 2.42%
9 Japanese 125 (125) 1.92%
10 Punjabi 95 (100) 1.44%


And you might find this interesting: Languages spoken in Colorado

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