Thank you to our sponsors

We are forever grateful to our sponsors for their continued support of BeLingual Kids and our goals of teaching elementary age kids Spanish. 


BeLingual Kids sincerely thanks Alpine Bank for yet again stepping up to be our Title sponsor as well as all of our amazing sponsors, who have generously donated to this event and to the kids!


Please thank our sponsors when you see them; all are local businesses who regularly donate to programs benefiting our
community. We also encourage you to think of these neighbors when doing business, to show our
community’s support for them. We had such a great time this year, and everyone was a winner today. GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS


Ty Webb Title Sponsor  - Alpine Bank

Truly a legend when it comes to community support. You guys ARE the ball!


Al Czervik Dangerfield Sponsor

Respect! These amazing companies donated $1000-$1500.


Honorable Judge Smails Sponsor

No slouches themselves, contributed $250 - $750



Grand Junction, CO 81501