When and how? Tell me more...

The time is now to change the face of education, to embrace the growing demand for our youth to compete against other nations for the jobs of the future. BeLingual Kids is just one piece of the puzzle. We are passionate that our kids be exposed to other languages, just as children in other countries are now.


All kids K-5th grade at Wingate Elementary attend Spanish once per week. They rotate to a Spanish class and are taught by a qualified Spanish teacher, just as they rotate to other "specials." The class focuses on vocabulary building and conversational skills. The class is not part of the standard report card, but the teacher may send home progress reports periodically, and your child will have worksheets, bilingual books and other materials to help reinforce their language learning. 

We often get asked, "What comes next?" Our hope is to continue this program into other elementary schools and then at the middle school level, so that more kids can benefit from language learning and build upon this program as they grow...One step at a time!


What is the next step?

We need to raise funds! To keep building this program, we need to raise money to purchase Spanish materials and curriculum, and to pay the salary of our Spanish teacher. The cost for the 2017-2018 year was approximately $40 per student.


We need support! Talk to parents, help us grow our message. Consider sponsoring a student, and approach your business to see if they will sponsor a child or several. 


This is no small feat, raising funds every year to pay an amazing Spanish-speaking teacher, as well as  to pay for program materials. But we believe it is worth it and we hope you do, too.


BeLingual Kids Inc is a 501c3 and all contributions are tax deductible.

Grand Junction, CO 81501