BeLingual Kids, Inc Board Meetings

  • Our next meeting is January 23rd at 4:00pm in the Wingate Library. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please contact us so we can anticipate you
  • Meeting agenda will be posted a couple days prior.

To be a participant on the Board, you must attend our 8 board meetings per year and assist with items such as curriculum, event planning, fundraising, outreach to the community, growth of the program to other schools, etc.


BeLingual Kids, Inc. Board Members - elected 1/23/17

  • Kayla Brown
  • Jen Grunklee
  • Maria Hornok
  • Nattana Johnson
  • Amie Landman
  • Ami Purser
  • Ashley Reed
  • Holly Seeberger


  • Nattana Johnson - President
  • Holly Seeberger - Secretary
  • Jen Grunklee - Treasurer

Grand Junction, CO 81501