BeLingual Kids, Inc. Board Meetings

  • Our next meeting is November 26th at 4:00pm in the Wingate Library. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please contact us so we can anticipate you.

To be a participant on the Board, we ask that you attend our 8 board meetings per year and assist with items such as curriculum, event planning, fundraising, community outreach, growth of the program into other schools, etc.


BeLingual Kids, Inc. Board Members - elected 1/23/17

  • Kayla Brown
  • Jen Grunklee
  • Nattana Johnson
  • Amie Landman
  • Holly Seeberger


  • Nattana Johnson - President
  • Holly Seeberger - Secretary
  • Jen Grunklee - Treasurer

Grand Junction, CO 81501