Classroom update - Cuba & Valentines

We will continue to weave cultural information about specific countries into our lessons. In the last couple of weeks the kids learned about Cuba.  


They also learned how to say Happy Valentine’s Day. The lesson on learning how to say the date was reinforced, and oral homework was to practice saying: Hoy es martes el 14 de febrero de 2017 y Feliz Día de San Valentín.


In accordance with the cultural lesson on Cuba, we listened to Celia Cruz’s song “La vida es un carnival,” which I translated for the kids.  We went through the lyrics to recognize words they have learned.  They were amazed how many words they could recognize.

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Classroom update - Rooms

Basic parts of a house...

The kids did a fun project in class: they wrote on sticky notes and put them in a booklet to practice by labeling rooms at home! 

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Classroom update - 21 Spanish-Speaking Countries

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Classroom update - Colors

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Classroom update - Greetings

Hi, how are you?  ¿Cómo están?

Mal – badly
Muy bien – very well
Bien – well
Así así – so, so
Más o menos – ok  


We also read a book on Spot the dog, and they learned that their day was magnífico – maginificent.  

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