Our Sponsors

Alpine Bank

A huge thank you to our 2017 Title Sponsor, who is so supportive of Grand Junction kids and the community, endlessly giving back. Your generosity is not overlooked! We feel lucky to have your support and encourage all of our families to think Alpine Bank when they have banking/lending needs.


Over four decades, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have benefited from Alpine Bank and Bob Young's generosity.


Community events, the arts, animal shelters, sports and recreation, and particularly children and education have been the focus of Alpine's philanthropy. The bank is a major donor and supporter of local nonprofits, and we feel blessed for their support.

High Country Beverage

Locally-owned and committed to our community, High Country Beverage is excited about BeLingual Kids and the new Spanish program and are looking forward to a great 2017 CaddyShack Golf Tournament. We are thrilled to have them as a sponsor and we know the event will be more fun with them (and their beverages.)

Waddell & Reed - Erin Blue/Justin Reed Group

Erin and Justin were instrumental in the early days of getting this program started, offering financial assistance and encouragement along the way. Both have young kids in the Wingate area, and they get to experience first-hand the benefits of this program. Thanks for your support in getting our program going!

The Lewis Agency

We are so thankful for companies like the Lewis Agency, always willing to give to the kids. Ryan has generously donated to numerous Wingate programs, and is a real hero to the district. Thank you Ryan and Katie for all you do!

Redlands Mesa Golf Course

When approached with an event for kids' education, we were willing to help (mind you we get asked to help with lots of great causes), but when we started talking with BeLingual Kids' Board about format and making this event something a little different, then we got excited! We are thrilled to be a part of the 2016 and 2017 CaddyShack Tournament AND we hope we can live up to Bushwood standards.


Let the games begin!


2017 Hole Sponsors - 

Grand Junction, CO 81501